Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Christmas Project: Blessing Bags for the Homeless

Yesterday we had the privilege of taking our Teens from church to pass out Blessing bags to our homeless. We took them to the Rescue Mission in Downtown Greenville. And boy were the men happy to get them! We didn't even get a chance to walk around, once word spread they came to us.

It was nice to watch the men go through their bags, some even were trading their items for what they wanted. The sad part was when we ran out of bags; once we ran out we had to load up the teens before more came looking for bags.

We plan on doing this again once we raise up money for more supplies. After yesterday we discussed about maybe starting a fund just for this purpose. And maybe next time we will have more bags to pass out.

For now I'll leave you with the one picture I was able to take.

Here the boys and one of our men from church are talking to a homeless man. The blue bag he is holding is a blessing bag.


  1. Jessi - I'll bet if you told a few shopkeepers what you would use the merchandise for, they would donate shaving supplies, and other every day needs for your blessing bags. Even the big groceries may donate .

    It's a wonderful way to celebrate the wonderful Gift the Father gave to us.

    1. walmart donated $25.00 dollars of stuff.