Thursday, June 27, 2013

Junior Camp 2013: Day 2

 Day 2 was a blast as always. It was a long and tiring day which is normal but everybody still had  fun. Every day starts out with morning devotions before breakfast, and then after breakfast the preacher will bring a challenge to the campers.

 Here the kids are singing more silly songs. In the next few pictures they persuaded the preachers to lead them in one of the songs.


That's my Pastor in the white shirt. And that is his brother-in-law singing beside him. 
 After the morning service we loaded up the bus and took the kids to Mason's Camp where they ate lunch and then played water games.
Here they are playing a game where the fireman (or lady) sprays water and the campers have to fill up a cup and then pour the water into a bucket. The team whose fill their bucket up first wins. By the way this team's the Banana's.
And this is my team. We're the Oranges.
Here they are spraying a rubber chicken and whoever sprays the chicken to the opposite side wins.
While we were playing it rained for about 30 minutes and then stopped.

This is the water slide. We can't have a junior camp without the water slide.

The Ice Cream truck even came while we were there. Yay!  (Actually it was scheduled to come.)
 When it was time to leave we loaded the kids back up and headed back for the church. Were going back to Mason's Camp today and there will be more slide and pool and hiking and who knows what else.
 I'll leave you with a picture of me and Madeline, my little tag-a-long for the week.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Junior Camp 2013: Day 1

 Every year our church hosts a junior camp for ages 4 - 12. And every year we have a theme. This years theme is Gold Rush! The kids will learn the importance of staking their claim and not giving place to the devil, spending their time working for what really matters, and learn to appreciate the things that have eternal value!


This is our mining camp.


 Day 1 is only a half day. The campers get there at 4:00 for registration and then they do crafts and get to know one another before supper.

Some of the boys making marshmellow guns.

  We encourage the campers to dress up for the theme and then give out prizes for the best ones.         

 Here are the kids singing silly songs. We make sure that they get all their energy out so they will sit still and listen to the message. And yes, even the adults do silly songs.

 Bro. David Young preached on Gideon and his 300 men. And he mentioned that when Gideon's men got back in town and were talking about what happened and how the Lord delivered the Midianites into their hand, that the men who turned back were probably wishing they'd have stayed instead of turning back. He challenged the young people to stay with the fight instead of quitting so there would never be a time when they will have to say that they wish they would have stayed.
The night finishes with fun time, which includes a game of Zonk, before heading for bed.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Birthday Party in a Box - Purple Butterfly Theme

 Back in March, some of our fellow Cast teammates on Etsy created an idea that we labled "Birthday Party in a Box". Several shops came together to work on this project. The idea was created to help generate more sales for these shops.

 A "Birthday Party in a Box is simply the items and accessories you would need for a themed party. The BPIAB was created for a girls tea party and includes items for the American Girl doll as well.
 Here are some of the items for the Butterfly theme

Butterfly Tea Set - Visit Abby's shop In His Hands Art

 Charm and delight that special child with their own handmade pottery tea set; each piece handpainted with a multi-colored butterfly. This unique tea set of 9 pieces is fully functional and food safe. Your child (or grandchild or special relationship!) can pour the tea, and drink and eat tea foods from the matching butterfly cup and plate. Notice the hand sculpted butterfly perched on the lid of the tea pot.

  Each 9 piece tea set has taken over 13 hours to make! First each piece is thrown on the wheel, then trimmed when dried. Each cup handle is individually made and attached at this point, including all three thrown parts of the tea pot plus a handle. After the first firing, the pieces are carefully sanded and then hand-painted with the colors and subject of the birthday theme with 3 coats of underglaze then 2 coats of transparent, before the second firing. Even though tiny, each piece takes as much time to make as an adult sized set! (And at $13.50/handpainted piece it is a pottery bargain!)


 This beautiful purple hair bow is handmade from high quality grosgrain ribbon.

It measures approx. 5" in width and features a flat center.

You have a choice between having your bow mounted on a french barrette or a partially lined alligator clip.

Butterfly Birthday Banner - Visit Karen's shop Ellie Marie Designs

 Purple and teal Happy Birthday banner with butterflies. Each scalloped flower is made with 5 1/2" dark purple and has a pastel purple circle with a teal letter. The first H and the last Y and the butterfly flower are embellished with sweet little white flowers and a pink rhinestone. The butterfly wings are d-D. The banner measures approximately 6 feet and is pre-strung with pink ribbon. There is a little more than 1 foot of ribbon at each end for hanging.

Butterfly Gift Tags (By Karen)
 These shabby chic spring gift tags are made with card stock and embellished with butterflies made from patterned paper and glitter. Each tag is about 1 7/8" x 3 1/2" and pre-strung with a decorative ribbon. The backs are blank. These are perfect for wedding gifts, bridal or baby showers or a little girl's birthday. They are a great embellishment for gifts for teachers or for a thank your for clients. There are 6 in the set.
 Butterfly Place Cards (By Karen)

 Purple and teal place cards with butterflies. Each place card is 2" x 4" and is made from pastel purple cardstock and has a 3-D teal and white butterfly. These sweet little cards will be great for a girl's birthday party or a baby shower. You can use them as place cards or food tents. There are 4 in this set. These cards are blank.

Butterfly Birthday Invitation (By Karen)

 Purple butterfly birthday party invitation. This invitation measures 6 1/4" x 4 1/2" and is made with 3 layers of cardstock. Each invitation is embellished with a paper posy flower in a pot with the child's age on it. Two butterflies, in light and dark purple, also adorn this this adorable invite. This is a set of 4 and comes with 4 plain white envelopes.

American Girl Purple Butterfly Dress - Visit Donna's shop Donna Designed

 This dress is made of purple sparkly fabric with butterflies in multi colors and has a decorative band of sparkly dark purple fabric on the bottom edge. The pillowcase dress gathers at the top with dark purple grosgrain ribbon which was heat sealed and is secured in the middle of the front and back with stitches so it will not pull out. The ribbon ties the dress in place at the shoulders and adds a decorative appeal. Made to fit 18 inch soft bodied dolls such as American Girl.

Edible Butterfly Cupcake Toppers - Visit Abby's shop Sweet Pea Sugar Art

 This listing is for one set of 6 butterfly cupcake toppers.
The are made of gumpaste, hand cut and veined. After drying, they are dusted with
various pastel shades of pink, purple, yellow, and green petal dusts.

 Children's Birthday Party Apron Art Activity - Butterfly Theme - Visit Rita's shop Sammys Grammy

 Children's Birthday Party Apron Art Activity Set of Four and Fabric Markers Butterfly Theme

 This item includes 4 white blank canvas aprons plus one packet of 10 Crayola fabric markers. The aprons measure 23" by 13" and has a velcro adjustable neck strap and waist straps that tie in the back. For the apron activity, the party guests will be able to personalize their individual apron with their own drawings. - using the fabric markers. The "artwork" becomes permanent and washable by setting with a hot iron on the reverse side of the apron. (this can be done by their parents after the party.)

Purple Butterfly Bracelet Kit - Visit Elizabeth's shop Peace Of Grace Designs

 This kit includes beads, elastic cording, butterfly charms, and directions to make 4 stretch bracelets. As a party activity, the guests use their creativity to design bracelets any way they can imagine!

The beads are different shapes of pinks and purples and each girl can dangle a silver butterfly from her bracelet. 

Butterfly Muslin Gift Bags - Visit Lorrie's shop Wits End Design

 Butterfly Gift Bag, Muslin Bag, Birthday Party Favor Bag, Gift Card Holder, Candy Bag, Jewelry Bag, Set Of 4

 This set of 4 cream colored muslin bags that features multicolored butterflies. Nice size for candy kisses, gift cards, jewelry, etc. Items pictured are not included. Bags measure 3" X 4"' and feature double draw strings. Perfect for wrapping small gifts or for party favors for your guests. This is a hand stamped item with hand drawn details.

Butterfly Square Tablecloth and 4 Napkins - Visit Teresa's and Jessica's shop Creations By Jessi

 Any young girl would love to have a princess tea party for her birthday. This butterfly tablecloth and napkins goes with a butterfly theme party. This is a 45" x 45" square tablecloth to help decorate the tea party table and 4 contrasting napkins.

 The tablecloth and napkins are made out of 100% cotton. machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low.

 Look for the Monkey Theme and the Ladybug Theme in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Valuable Lessons From Sunday School

  Our Sunday School teacher gave two great illustrations in this week's lesson that I never want to forget. Even though the applications are so simple these lessons are easily forgotten.
  Let me share them with you.

"When ever you are to do a thing, though it can never be known but to
yourself, ask yourself how you would act  were all the world looking at
you and act accordingly."
  Bro. Jason, our Sunday school teacher, said that he and his wife recently got their girls a swimming pool for the summer. And every night the girls are ready to show their daddy something new that they learned like "Daddy, Daddy. Look! I can dive just like you!" and they'll dive under for him. Then the next night they'll say "Daddy, Daddy. I can hold my breath under water just like you!" and they will go under and hold their breath. The next night they'll say "Daddy, Daddy. Look! I can open my eyes under water just like you!" and they'll dive under and look at him.
  Brother Jason went on to give a spiritual application. He said "It would be great if our kids would say 'Daddy, Daddy. Look! I can walk with God just like you.' or, 'Mommy, Mommy. I can pray just like you!'
  That simple illustration and application really did something for me. Now I don't have children of my own, and besides I'm not even married. But being one of the teenage girls in the church, the younger girls look up to me.
  Take T-bug for instance, a four year old whose real name is Trinity. She came up to me at church about a week ago to tell me that she was wearing yellow like me. She has also told her mom that she wants to wear flowers in her hair like one of my friends, Marissa.
  Now if a four-year-old can tell her parents that she wants to wear certain things just like Jessica and Marissa. Wouldn't it be so much better if she were to tell her mom and dad that she is serving the Lord because we older girls are serving him or she is telling others about Jesus because we do?
"You don't need to know where you are going, provided you know who you
are following."
  Bro. Jason went on to give another illustration.
  When the whole family goes to Walmart, Bro. Jason has the girls hold his hand as they cross the parking lot. And as long as they hold his hand, they can close their eyes and not worry about being ran over.
  As Christians, we can have the same assurance. As long as we hold God's hand and let him have control of our lives, then we can close our eyes and not worry about what troubles will come tomorrow for he has everything in control.
  Sometimes I find myself forgetting that God has everything in control. Even when I don't understand why I may be going through a storm right now, God sees the whole picture and just like the song 'Living By Faith' says, He will carry me through.
Living By Faith
I care not today what tomorrow may bring,
If shadow or sunshine or rain;
The Lord I know ruleth o'er everything,
And all of my worry is vain.
I know that He safely will carry me through,
No matter what evils betide;
Why should I then care though the tempests may blow,
If Jesus walks close to my side.
Living by faith, in Jesus above,
Trusting, confiding in his great love;
From all harm safe in His sheltering arm,
I'm living by faith, and feel no alarm.