Wednesday, November 12, 2014

KraftieKidz & CreationsbyJessi's Very First Craft Show

Sorry it's been so long since I have posted. I have been super duper busy since my last post.
 I'll briefly bring you up to date.

In September we found a local craft show that looked interesting; so we went and checked it out. (We have been looking for a local craft show that wasn't too expensive for a booth.) And we met a lady who owns a local gift shop filled with handmade or repurposed items from different vendors. (I'll write a post on that later) When we told her that mom (Teresa) makes girls skirts and dresses, and that I (Jessica) makes cards and other paper items, and that my brother, Daniel does photography. She wanted us to come in and see her shop. We find out later that she has been looking for another vendor who makes girls clothes since the vendor who has been making the clothes is leaving her.

So in October we started selling our skirts and dresses in Shoppes on Trade. And so far it has been a wonderful experience. We have had quite a few custom orders through the shop. Shelly, the owner of the gift shop, has even sent a customer my way who was needing a custom birthday banner.

Ok, now for something more recent.

This past weekend we had our first craft show. (technically this was our second show but the first wasn't much of a craft show so I am calling this our first.) And it was so much fun! We may have only sold three items (one skirt, and two cards) but we got to mingle and fellowship with some of the other vendors.

Here are some pictures we took.

I had forgotten the banner I made for our booth so I had to have mama bring it with her when she came back.

Here's our booth with the banner on it.

 It was so cold after the sun went down that they brought out barrels and chopped up wood pallets to make a fire. And if you didn't have customers at your booth you could go warm up at the fire. (Sorry this wasn't a very good picture.)

Overall our experience with the weekend show was great. We learned valuable lessons and got wonderful ideas for our booth display and what we thought might would sell better at the next show. We even gleaned information from customers who stopped by to ask if we had certain cards in a set or if we had a different color in a certain card design. My brother even had a lady tell him he should offer his color penciled cards in a set not just individualy. I loved it that the customers weren't bashful to ask if we had something, because it lets us know what customers are looking for.

Next time I will post more about Shoppes on Trade and our experience with it.