Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Junior Camp 2013: Day 1

 Every year our church hosts a junior camp for ages 4 - 12. And every year we have a theme. This years theme is Gold Rush! The kids will learn the importance of staking their claim and not giving place to the devil, spending their time working for what really matters, and learn to appreciate the things that have eternal value!


This is our mining camp.


 Day 1 is only a half day. The campers get there at 4:00 for registration and then they do crafts and get to know one another before supper.

Some of the boys making marshmellow guns.

  We encourage the campers to dress up for the theme and then give out prizes for the best ones.         

 Here are the kids singing silly songs. We make sure that they get all their energy out so they will sit still and listen to the message. And yes, even the adults do silly songs.

 Bro. David Young preached on Gideon and his 300 men. And he mentioned that when Gideon's men got back in town and were talking about what happened and how the Lord delivered the Midianites into their hand, that the men who turned back were probably wishing they'd have stayed instead of turning back. He challenged the young people to stay with the fight instead of quitting so there would never be a time when they will have to say that they wish they would have stayed.
The night finishes with fun time, which includes a game of Zonk, before heading for bed.


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  1. Can you please teach me how to play Zonk? It looks like fun!