Thursday, June 27, 2013

Junior Camp 2013: Day 2

 Day 2 was a blast as always. It was a long and tiring day which is normal but everybody still had  fun. Every day starts out with morning devotions before breakfast, and then after breakfast the preacher will bring a challenge to the campers.

 Here the kids are singing more silly songs. In the next few pictures they persuaded the preachers to lead them in one of the songs.


That's my Pastor in the white shirt. And that is his brother-in-law singing beside him. 
 After the morning service we loaded up the bus and took the kids to Mason's Camp where they ate lunch and then played water games.
Here they are playing a game where the fireman (or lady) sprays water and the campers have to fill up a cup and then pour the water into a bucket. The team whose fill their bucket up first wins. By the way this team's the Banana's.
And this is my team. We're the Oranges.
Here they are spraying a rubber chicken and whoever sprays the chicken to the opposite side wins.
While we were playing it rained for about 30 minutes and then stopped.

This is the water slide. We can't have a junior camp without the water slide.

The Ice Cream truck even came while we were there. Yay!  (Actually it was scheduled to come.)
 When it was time to leave we loaded the kids back up and headed back for the church. Were going back to Mason's Camp today and there will be more slide and pool and hiking and who knows what else.
 I'll leave you with a picture of me and Madeline, my little tag-a-long for the week.