Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shop News

I wanted to take a little bit and let you know how my Etsy shop, KraftieKidz,  has been doing since the first of the year. I am happy to report that I have seven sales so far, two sales being my John Deere baby banners that I custom make. I have also been busy listing items; I try to list at least two new items daily (except Sunday)  plus renew expired listings. I'll share some of those new listings at the end of the post.

In other news I have two birthday cards that I have just about finished for two of the kids at church and I will be sharing those soon. (Remember, making birthday cards for the little kids at church was one of my goals for 2014.)  I also have two baby banners to make for two upcoming showers plus die cuts to match. So that will be two different banner and die cut colors and themes to add to the shop.

Can't you tell I'm excited about 2014?

Here are some of the items that are new to KraftieKidz

Here's one of the new items from creationsbyjessi


  1. Wow, congratulations on the new years sales!

  2. Very cute items! Wish I had a baby shower to go to!

  3. So proud of you Jessi - you're a regular little business woman. You go girl ♥