Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Introducing D-Back Photography

Hi all. I'm here to introduce a new KraftieKidz shop section. Well it's not really a new section, I just renamed it, but it is a new name!

Daniel's Business Card

Introducing D-Back Photography.

D-Back is just a play on Daniel's name. He came up with the name about a month ago when he was playing around and started adding it to the photos he posted on instagram. 

Daniel has always had a passion for photography, but after talking with Shelly (owner of the Shoppes on Trade which you can read here ) and hearing that her customers are looking for more local photographs I think has sparked a new interest in that field.
 He is currently taking classes and we have already taken two different trips to areas around Greenville county and plan on taking more this year. 

Daniel's dream is to one day own his own studio where he will display his photography and his art.

This photograph was taken at the Greenville Zoo. Known as Baby Bob, this 8 year old orangutan no longer lives here. Bob, who was born in the Greenville Zoo was moved to the Oregon Zoo in Portland where zoo officials are hoping he will start a new family.

You can follow Daniel on instagram @dbackphotography for more of his photography and @d.backer for his art. You can also follow him on facebook. 


  1. I'm gonna look up the D Back on Instagram.

  2. Daniel has a really good eye. I especially like the waterfall!

  3. Really nice! Love the angle of the General Store picture!

  4. When I'm in Grnvl we always make at last one stop at Mast General. Great pics. I recognize the windowless bldg. too. I like his professional name too - D.Back